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Progressive web app (PWA) is a mobile website built with additional features and functionality that gives it a definitive ‘app-like’ feel. PWA provides a smooth experience regardless of the users choice of device. PWA gives you improved performance, increased interaction rate, faster loading times, engaging user experiences, less data use, ‘mobile-first’ approach.

1 sec.

delay in mobile load times will impact conversions by up to 20%!, 2017

Smooth Experience Regardless of the Users Choice of Device

Progressive web app (PWA) gives it a definitive ‘app-like’ feel
Best Practises
Progressive Web App

Your Gains with Progressive Web Apps

Native Experience

An ‘app-like’ experience to your customers

Blazing Fast

Stay ahead of competition with a quick load time when customers are comparing you to competitors

Better Conversion

Increase conversions for your returning customers

Loyal Customers

Encourage loyalty of your returning often and deeply engaged customers

Reach Customers Anytime

Send push notifications: keep customers up-to-date on the newest content even when they are not active

No Connection - No Problem

Offline functionality: no ‘blank screen’ when offline

App Shortcuts

Add to homescreen: for regular usage

Cost Effective

PWA save up to 75% of the costs of a native app (both development and maintenance)


PWAs are cross-platform, so you can save time on adapting your service to many different environments

Fast Release

No app store submission - get your app to market faster

Lancôme’s PWA features a 17% increase in conversions, a 51% increase in mobile sessions overall and a 53% increase on iOS alone

Google data, aggregated, anonymized Google Analytics data from a sample of mWeb sites, 2019

Benefits of Your Progressive Web Apps with Insoftia

Customer Trust

Our customers have reported a successful increase of conversions, page visits, and session length

Easy to Expand

We use processes and technology that makes PWA easy to expand with new features

Fast and Reliable

You will have your product designed to achieve blazing speed from load-time (<1 sec.) to customer checkout which is crucial

Any Device

You will benefit from responsive design techniques, ensuring PWAs work exquisitely on both mobile and desktop

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