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Payment Gateways

About 10% of cart abandonment during checkout occurs due to lack of payment options or due to technical issues (Source: Baymard survey of consumers, 2019) and this percentage goes up to 16% in case of travel bookings (Source: SalesCycle Abandonment Surveys).

With these numbers in view, it becomes significant for businesses to select gateways that maximise convenience. At Insoftia, we make sure that payment integrations with your platforms are agile, saves time and investment, improves cutomer loayality and deliver actionable insights to determine oppurtunities for growth.
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Geo location technology has been serving as a backbone for industries like transport (taxi and cab), Logistics/Delivery, dating apps and more. The change in consumer behaviour with change in geography and culture has led business adapt different marketing and promotion strategies for different consumer base. having geo tech implemented in your applications can help achieve insights on consumers for better implementation of these strategies like:
  • Personalised communication
  • Asset Tracking
  • Smart navigation
  • Restricted Deliveries
Push Notifications

With increasing number of applications, users engagement an re-engagement with applications is not as easy as the past decade. Notifications servers as an efficient communication medium to overcome this challenge and increase audience attraction. Push notifications can help:

  • Retain and re-engage users who are not active on application
  • Seek actionable insights for business
  • Target marketing
  • Better promotion of products and services
  • Restoring abandoned cart in ecommerce apps
  • Delivering valuable content and more..
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