Technology Consulting

Our experts provide an in-depth review of your current technology stack and how it is performing in your business

The report will include research-backed suggestions for improvement. We will also advise on the implementation of your business ideas with brand identity into a clear and unique design.

Technology Stack

We will start with your system, identifying if the platform is right for your business, how you are using the available features and what limiting factors you might be experiencing.

We will review all the other systems you use to fulfil business operations and manage users, how they are integrated (or not) with other systems. We will evaluate configuration for all these systems and assess the ability to scale as your business grows.

Customer Experience

From the check-out process to payments, from customer relationship management to delivery and reordering process, and other third-party integrations - we prepare a detailed report with research-backed suggestions for improvement. Each suggestion includes a description of the identified user experience issue along with a proposed solution.

Strategy & Long-term Investment

Business expansion and improvement due to clear and well-programmed custom software solutions. We will advise you on investment in technology: we will identify where you are best placed to make investments in the future of your technology and also to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date making sure the correct decisions are being made.

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